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Introduction :

Animation is the art of breathing life into Drawing/Object/Characters. It is a study of motion and emotion. Animation is a sector in which there is a great potential for creativity and innovation. The animation industry consists of a workforce that stretches across many of the sectors in the audio visual industries.  Today with the help of 3D modelling, texturing, animation and rendering computers are able to generate entirely virtual worlds and characters. You will find animated content on television feature films, commercial, website and computer or video games....

“Destiny to your dreams”


If you have the capability to conceptualize &  visualize the thoughts, have an interest in converting dreams into reality, believe in having fun while working & have the attributes to take in both creativity and hard work in your stride , then go for this exciting field.
Multimedia‘s usage has expanded not only in the field of Animation but has also in Film Television, Gaming, Music , Internet, Digital product and Services. Animation is a sector in which there is a great potential for creativity & innovation.

Careers & Opportunities:

Jobs in 2D & 3D animation cover a wide variety of areas like pre-production, post production, production & services. The jobs like Production Designer, Art Director, Character Designer, Colour Stylist , Background Designer are available in pre-production. In post production Special Effects Animator, Editor  & Editing Assistant, Compositor are available. In production areas  jobs for Ass.  Directors, Visual Effects Supervisor, Director of Photography, Modeling Supervisor, Modeler, Rigger, and Animation Director are available.

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